Fall Cocktails

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New Old Fashioned Drink

Sure, summer may be over but before we let winter’s frigid weather cover our city, the year’s best drinking season is upon us! Our expert bartenders have added 3 new delicious autumn cocktails to the menu in celebration of crisp air, changing colors and good times with great friends. Stop by Faces & Names and try one today!

Grapefruit Crush

High Ball Glass
1oz Absolut Ruby Red
½ oz Triple Sec
Grapefruit juice
Top with Lemon Lime Soda

Absolut Ruby Red captures the enchanting taste of grapefruit like never before. Its balanced sweet and tart crispness exudes a sophisticated flavored-vodka experience.

Orchard Fire

High Ball Glass
½ oz Jack Fire
fill with Angry Orchard

There is a slightly more pronounced whiskey flavor with the Tennessee Fire, and the cinnamon flavor delivers more heat than sweet making it a great spirit for cocktails. Mixed with Angry Orchard cider gives this cocktail familiar flavors of fall.

New Fashioned

Rocks Glass
1oz Knob Creek Bourbon
1oz Amaretto Disaronno
3 dashes Bitters

GOLD MEDAL 2015 LA SPIRITS COMPETITION. There’s none finer! This hand bottled, 9 year old, 100 proof bourbon is smooth with strong herbal aromas. Distinctive sweetness and rich, full bodied flavor. Bitters cuts the sweetness brough to this cocktail by Amaretto Disaronno for a new twist on the classic Old Fashioned